Compositor status

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Mon Sep 20 23:13:36 CEST 2004

On 09/20/04 12:59, Don Christensen wrote:
> Erik Harrison wrote:
> ...
> >I realize that it would take additional time to do, but XFce already
> >uses the even odd notation. Just cut, say 4.3.x tarballs once a month,
> >witth release rule being "It probably compiles".
> ...
> I would argue for a little more rigorous release process than "It probably
> compiles".  I would hope for something more like "It compiles and runs
> well enough, but newer features may be buggy, so use at your own risk".
> This would provide a little more structure for the developers as well,
> where there could be shorter-term milestones, and defined checkpoints
> where new features were introduced.  I should think it would make it
> easier to keep track of changelogs along the way, also.

agreed.  putting out a release that hasn't gone through any QA at all is just
asking for trouble.  perhaps a compromise would be to branch for the release,
then use it for 3-4 days, fixing any outstanding bugs on the branch, and then


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