important bugzilla info

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Mon Sep 20 20:17:41 CEST 2004

hi all-

there are a few random things about bugzilla that everyone should know (devs
at least).  also, there are some things specific to our install.

1) CC: lists.  currently, the only people that will get emailed about a
bug is a) the reporter b) the assignee.  i've made sure that all the assignees
are correct.  for buts that already were assigned, that assignment has been
kept.  unassigned bugs have been assigned to xfce-bugs at  that address
probably won't get emailed until bugzilla-daemon at is added to the
mailing list (with delivery set to OFF!).  anyway, the moral of the story is
that you don't get bug emails unless you explicitly add yourself to the CC:
list.  putting a comment on a bug is NOT enough.

2) default assignees:  each xfce component that exists so far has a default
assignee.  panel bugs go to jasper, xfdesktop to me, etc.  the 'general',
'other', and 'plugins' component are by default assigned to xfce-bugs at

3) you don't need to comment for everything.  if you are just changing a
bug's priority or adding yourself to the CC: list, you don't have to add a
comment.  some actions _do_ require a comment, but some do not, and by leaving
out the comment, you avoid spamming all the recipients of the bug.

4) by default, everyone with an email address has permissions to
edit any bug in the system.

5) there is no way to delete bugs or users from the system.  components,
version numbers, etc. cannot be removed until all bugs are removed from them.

6) you _can_ change your email address/login name.  just log in with the old
one and go to prefs.  the system will email both your old address and your
new address to confirm the change.  if for some reason you don't have access
to the old address, i can probably change it manually.

7) there were a few things that didn't work quite right in the import, so i'm
going to do some mass bug edits, which means there will likely be a bit of
useless bug spam in your mailboxes until i'm done.  sorry about that.  if
you want to filter these messages out, do a full text search for
"I AM BUG SPAM" (without the quotes) in the body of the message.

i think that's all for now.  i need to set up people with the proper
permissions and components, so let me know if yours isn't correct.  if you
want a component, also let me know.  i think more is better in this regard,
so, for example, danny, if you wanted a compoenent for xfce4-mixer, i think
that would be a good idea.


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