Anonymous bug system

Tuukka Mäkinen tukem at
Mon Sep 20 11:40:58 CEST 2004

Speaking of Bugzilla and bug systems in general has any of you heard of 
a bug system that allows easier user bug report? In Bugzilla one has to 
first register to get an an account and then to understand that 
overwhelming user interface. To a developer it's great but to Joe User 
who just noticed this bug...

With one or two programs it's not a problem but lets say I test then 
different programs and find a bug or have a new feature idea. I would 
quickly have account in dozen places for just one bug report.

So what I would like is a system where I could give my email address and 
then I would be sent a one time password. That way it could be made sure 
I use real address and I could be reached if more information is required.


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