Issues with XFCE4 (cvs version)

eGore egore at
Sun Sep 12 14:49:25 CEST 2004


I just upgraded from 4.0.6 to CVS and stumbled upon some things:
- Icon themes don't seem to work
- The iconbox is not in /etc/xfce4/xinitrc, therefore it ain't started
- xfcalender should definitely get an option to start it minimized 
(since I like this thing but hate to close is every time I log into my
- also it SEEMS that the number of virutal desktops is forgotten on 
logout (but I have to check if it is my fault).
- last and least (since I think it's a known problem): desktop menu does
not work

If you think any of this points is not just "my fault", "worth a bug 
report" or "defenitely nothing for this list": Feel free to answer to 
this mail :D


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