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Willy Gardiol willy at gardiol.org
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I am forwarding this messagefrom the sawfish mailing list, it seems to be a 
bug in the XFCE4 pager actually...

So i tried and i came out with the attached patch (sorry, it is against 4.0.6 
i do not know how to access CVS and latest branch).

It ocmpletely fix the problem, it is based on and old libwnck patch, which has 
probably been applied after netk-pager was copied from libwnck.

Can you apply this patch to xfce4? 


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Subject: Re: SAWFISH and XFCE4
Date: Sunday 12 September 2004 01:12
From: GSR - FR <famrom at infernal-iceberg.com>
To: sawfish-list at gnome.org

willy at gardiol.org (2004-09-12 at 0011.36 +0200):
> No, i have checked, my libwnck already includes that patch... that is not
> the reason.
> LibWNCK is libwnck-, and the patch is already included as i can see.

XFCE also has code that does pager tasks (quick download and grep),
are you sure it does all perfectly? I saw in the file
libxfcegui4-4.0.6/libxfcegui4/netk-pager.c a call like:

netk_screen_move_viewport (pager->priv->screen, viewport_x, viewport_y);

after a

workspace_at_point (pager, event->x, event->y, &viewport_x, &viewport_y);

which seems pretty similar to the libwnck status previously to the
patch linked in the bug I pointed. That is, no modification of coords
to make all be "non fractional screens".

And greeping for wnck I only get

AUTHORS:libxfcegui4 includes libwnck by Havoc Pennington <hp at redhat.com>

so it does not seem to use it by "#include", which could mean that
bugs fixed in one place are not fixed in another. You could verify by
checking which libs it requires (package, ldd or whichever you can
think of as good method).

It could also be a completly misreading of code on my side (non XFCE
coder or user, just quick look at the issue). Up to you to decide if
you investigate more, just patch netk-pager.c or insist in "sawfish is


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