Supporting Base Dir Spec

edscott edscott at
Fri Sep 10 15:07:11 CEST 2004

El jue, 09-09-2004 a las 14:17, Brian J. Tarricone escribió:

> > 
> > if Olivier can write a compositor for xfwm4 in two weeks, we for sure should
> > be able to use the new locations in all modules, right? ;-)
> > 
> > I mean this isn't exactly rocket science...
> > 
> > Olivier, do you have any objections to me trying to get this done now? I don't
> > really mind, but it's just something I'd like to have.
> i'm in favor of this as well, though the problem remains of making sure the
> users' old settings get migrated.  the original plan was to run a script on
> startup, perhaps via the session manager, or something.  i'm thinking maybe
> it might be a better idea to do that in each of the apps themselves.  i can
> probably whip up a quick generic function to move settings files and
> directories such that all everyone has to do is paste it in their main.c and
> fill in a static array (or 2) of things to move.  i tend to think that a script
> is easier, but something like this might be more reliable.  we can leave it in
> through the life of 4.2, and take it out in the 4.3 cycle (or, if it's needed
> again, use it).  thoughts?

I like Jasper's idea, write to new locations, and for read:

if (!g_file_test(read_from=new_location,G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS)) 



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