xfmedia 0.1.0 released

Carl Berger byronbay at gmx.de
Tue Oct 26 18:13:14 CEST 2004

Thanks !
Now I get :

xfmedia-mainwin.o(.text+0x1856): In function `xfmedia_mainwin_new':
/home/carl/work/src/xfc/xfmedia-0.1.0/src/mainwin.c:602: undefined reference to `gtk_window_set_keep_above'
xfmedia-mainwin.o(.text+0x1eff):/home/carl/work/src/xfc/xfmedia-0.1.0/src/mainwin.c:1088: undefined reference to `gtk_window_set_keep_above'
xfmedia-mainwin.o(.text+0x36e6): In function `stream_ended_cb':
/home/carl/work/src/xfc/xfmedia-0.1.0/src/mainwin.c:83: undefined reference to `g_queue_get_length'
xfmedia-playlist.o(.text+0x1e): In function `xfmedia_playlist_destroy':
/home/carl/work/src/xfc/xfmedia-0.1.0/src/playlist.c:1729: undefined reference to `g_queue_get_length'
xfmedia-playlist.o(.text+0x39):/home/carl/work/src/xfc/xfmedia-0.1.0/src/playlist.c:1731: undefined reference to `g_queue_pop_nth'
xfmedia-playlist.o(.text+0x3bc2): In function `shuffle_toggle_cb':
/home/carl/work/src/xfc/xfmedia-0.1.0/src/playlist.c:869: undefined reference to `g_queue_get_length'
xfmedia-playlist.o(.text+0x3bdc):/home/carl/work/src/xfc/xfmedia-0.1.0/src/playlist.c:871: undefined reference to `g_queue_pop_nth'
xfmedia-playlist.o(.text+0x59d6): In function `treeview_button_press_cb':
/home/carl/work/src/xfc/xfmedia-0.1.0/src/playlist.c:247: undefined reference to `g_queue_get_length'
xfmedia-playlist.o(.text+0x59f2):/home/carl/work/src/xfc/xfmedia-0.1.0/src/playlist.c:249: undefined reference to `g_queue_pop_nth'
xfmedia-settings-dialog.o(.text+0x751): In function `alwaysontop_cb':
/home/carl/work/src/xfc/xfmedia-0.1.0/src/settings-dialog.c:128: undefined reference to `gtk_window_set_keep_above'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I allready googled, `gtk_window_set_keep_above' is 2.4 as well, so is `g_queue_get_length'.
So I gotta wait for gtk 2.4 here ...


ps: Xfce is a great desktop, I'm using it for a year now ..

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Carl Berger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I get the following error compiling it:
>>     playlist.c: In function `add_cb':
>>     playlist.c:475: error: `GTK_STOCK_NETWORK' undeclared (first use 
>> in this functio n)
>> I run Xfce from cvs since a months, and it compiles most of the times :)
>> I have gtk 2.2.4 installed on a Suse 9.1 system.
> That's only available in gtk 2.4. You could temporarily 'fix' it by 
> putting this somewhere at the top of the file:

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