Extra MCS Modules

James Golden - aka Chibi chibifs at studiochibico.com
Mon Oct 25 11:18:35 CEST 2004

Yey, I feel special now. ^_^;
 About the BerliOS thing-- I might consider it if I were a better
programmer.. I don't really even have a clue what I could write other
than what we've done already with the sample. I do suppose I could pack
together a module of pre-configured sets together.. But I'm sure that
wouldn't be all that usefull. :P
 Oh, and additionally.. I really thing you could take that installer
frontend somewhere. :D Linux needs a non-console compiler.. And I think
that could be turned into such-- I'd even suggest now letting it use CVS
and tags to install individual selected modules from xfce AND
xfce-goodies. :o .. Or even more genericly, it could be used to manage
any remote cvs building. I can see it now-- A tree on the left shows
avalible modules from all of the cvs servers defined in a config file.
Then checkout-- and install each, with a prompt beforehand asking for a
prefix, and adding in an extra entry for any other config tags they
might want to throw in.
--end xfcvs4 idea.
 (Sorry, the idea sort of came from my debian days with SynAPTic. I
loved using that-- But this could be something generic that all distros
could use. :) )
On Sun, 2004-10-24 at 12:53 +0200, Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> James Golden - aka Chibi wrote:
> > UH! ;_;
> > 
> > "
> > 20041022: Generic MCS plugin 
> >         
> >         Today, Jasper came up with the idea of providing a generic MCS
> >         sample plugin that allows to launch 3rd party configuration
> >         tools from the Xfce MCS manager. I kinda liked the idea and
> >         hacked up a sample implementation; grab it here. Its very simple
> >         and straight-forward. Just modify the 4 #define's to your needs,
> >         compile and link it using the instructions given in the C file,
> >         install it to $libdir/xfce4/mcs-plugins and restart
> >         xfce-mcs-manager, Voila! The screenshot shows one possible usage
> >         for the plugin, enabling the user to run the KDE control center
> >         from xfce-mcs-manager.
> > "
> > 
> > I get no mention whatsoever. :(
> Done. :-)
> Benedikt
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