Xinerama and Compose, Screen Placement Issues, other small things...

Rob Smith kormoc at
Wed Oct 20 04:29:16 CEST 2004

> your initial email had nothing to do with a patch; it was a bunch of
> questions better suited to the xfce list.

Maybe because I sent it to a developers list, I'd assume people would
assume I wanted to help with development of said project...
> and here we apparently have yet another user that can't handle his ideas
> being rejected.  it's great to give feedback; we really do appreciate
> it.  but what i don't appreciate is when someone gets all in a huff when
> we don't agree with your suggestions.  thank you for presenting your
> ideas, and if you were to write a patch, i'd thank you for that as
> well.  but if you want absolute say as to what goes in and what doesn't,
> you gotta do a bit more than that.

More like, I don't understand why the ideas are being rejected, I'm
just getting a no because I said so, no real reasons why not. It's the
stonewall I said no cause I said no that is what gets people in a

Like I said, I'll submit my patches to the user list where I belong.


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