Rodent and png icons

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Mon Oct 18 15:51:29 CEST 2004

El lun, 18-10-2004 a las 01:09, Jasper Huijsmans escribió:
> edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> ...
> > 
> > Ok, now we're talking. I'm using /usr/share/icons/hicolor. My directory
> > has a correctly defined icon.theme file (with a size field set to 48)
> > here. Is yours OK? Xfce-icontheme has been using that field for a long
> > time.
> > 
> > If this is the problem then it has nothing to do with the Rodent theme
> > nor xfce-icontheme, but still is a problem.
> > 
> Right, I think I asked about this behaviour when brian implemented the 
> icon theme stuff. I don't remember what was decided, but the panel 
> relies on the fact that we can put our fallback icons in 
> ${datadir}/icons/hicolor/. If this isn't guaranteed to work, how would 
> you suggest implementing this?

I think the best way would be to put all required icons into the Rodent
theme (which is the default anyway), and just depend on that module.
Thus, duplication of pixmaps in other modules will be eliminated
(reducing unnecessary tarball swell). Fallback to the hicolor theme
would no longer be necessary, although there is no reason to remove it,
because it does work if the hicolor theme is correctly defined.

The hacky way (IMO) would be during install have libxfcegui4, or
libxfce4util check the hicolor directory for the existance of the
icons.theme file and fix it if incorrect or missing. Then go ahead and
let each module put the necessary Rodent theme icons there. If the
Rodent theme is installed, this will be bloat, because the Rodent theme
is used first, being the default.

> Missing fallback icons are a release blocking issue for me, so let's try 
> to fix it as soon as possible.

Agreed. I see the issue as a block as well.

> Personally, I'd prefer it if the extra required logic for this would be 
> in the library, so that Xfce modules only have to use one API to get 
> this right.

Agreed totally. But I do not wish to be ill-treated either. I don't feel
to well about being ill-treated so in order to avoid any such
similarities in the future, I am thinking about:

- Revert xfce-icontheme to it's previous "working" state (and wash my
- Remove the dependency of xfce4-modules/mime-icons on xfce-icontheme.
- Create static routines in xfce4-modules/mime-icons to cover the gap.

For the last point I will use the good stuff in Brian's code, but fix
the bugs and optimise the response. Currently to fetch an icon from the
Rodent theme, if gnome-icons are installed (evolution depends on it) 36
directories must be searched for possible files. And even more if the
Industrial theme is installed. That's brute force, which should not be
part of Xfce design if we are to remain lightweight.

IMO, inherited themes should only be searched if the requested icon is
not found. This would greatly enhance speed on applications where there
is a dependence on a large set of icons. I also plan to add an extra
parameter for icon lookup (which may be NULL in glib style) so that the
application can pinpoint the theme subdirectory. Otherwise there is no
reason for having a separate directory "mimetypes" in the icon themes.  

Although my priorities are well defined and Xfce is high on the list, I
have to work overtime to finish a lot of backlogged work, so I probably
won't get into the above until Wednesday or Thursday. 



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