XFCE marketing effort/project

Gianluca Turconi luctur at comeg.it
Sun Oct 17 14:42:53 CEST 2004

Hello *,

Recently, I have had a mail exchange with Edscott Wilson Garcia in which
I proposed a marketing/advertising campaign for the release of XFCE 4.2.

Firstly, some info about my professional background and participation
into the Free Software community: 
I'm an Italian writer/journalist/attorney and I was among the founders
and early co-maintainer of the OpenOffice.org marketing project, an
initial member of their Documentation project since 2001 and I'm
currently the co-maintainer of the OpenOffice.org spellchecker
dictionary and thesaurus.

Then, what I'm going to propose here is:

- a XFCE marketing project or a one-time-only marketing effort for the
release of 4.2 version that can advertise, on the press and among the
web audience, the XFCE project and its product, the XFCE Desktop

I was thinking to accomplish such a task in this way:

a) by asking XFCE core developers group's endorsement :)
b) by polling the XFCE user mailing list and linux newsgroups for people
interested in helping for this activity, in order to create a "world
marketing network" <-- for the time being, it's just a wording that
means "a lot of good guys who wants to support XFCE"
c) by writing a specific press note that included:
 c1) What XFCE project's goals are
 c2) What XFCE 4.2 will propose, for the new user
 c3) What the difference between XFCE 4.0.x and 4.2 are, for the
experienced XFCE user.
d) by spreading such a note to the press and on-line sources in order to
improve people's interest around XFCE and gain:
 d1) a larger user base. The motto should be: "more users, less bugs",
unless you don't belong to those who think "more users, bigger troubles"
 d2) more popularity
 d3) more developers (if needed and wanted)

This, in my vision of the activity, is only a first step. However, I
wish to have your opinion and, as said above, your endorsement to start.

Please, let me know your comments.

Best Regards,

Lo zoppo Androclide, spartano, avrebbe risposto a chi gli chiedeva di
quale utilità potesse essere un soldato menomato: "Non fa per voi gente
pronta a fuggire, ma che stia ferma per combattere contro gli
avversari." (tratto da Plutarco, Moralia, 217 C)

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