is Xfce getting too bloated ?

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Thu Oct 14 21:34:48 CEST 2004

041014 Benedikt Meurer wrote:
>> 2) Please take a moment and think about what you are going to write, 
>> _BEFORE_ you send the next mail to this mailinglist! Its getting 
>> ridiculous!
> Shame on me. I'm sorry for this rant, I didn't ment to hurt you.
> Benedikt

your apology is accepted, but i have to say it was needed
&  2 - 3  others don't seem able to accept criticism without getting angry.

i've put in some time recently installing 4.2 ,
getting it set up properly & trying things out
and i've tried to report apparent bugs or weaknesses in a sober manner.
that, surely, is the purpose of a beta release.
i can only describe some of the responses as bordering on hysterical.

i have  2  general misgivings about the direction Xfce seems to be taking.
first, some developers seem -- from the above -- to be too in-grown
& losing sight of the real aim, which is to provide something people can use.
second & much more important, the project seems to be going off at tangents,
adding plug-ins, pop-ups, goodies, bells, whistles & gew-gaws,
while neglecting such basic needs as a configurable installer
-- even omitting a simple README with the standard source distribution --
& proper documentation for all the rapidly accumulating pieces.
recent messages have covered a compositor & C++ bindings,
whose purpose & relevance i might understand if they were explained.

i fully appreciate & am grateful for your work in creating 4.2
-- i have said that more than once before -- ,
but you are not going to go on being successful,
if you don't listen to opinions & comment from outside your group.

enough, retort if you wish: i don't intend to say any more.
we all have other things to do today & every other day.

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