is Xfce getting too bloated ?

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Thu Oct 14 17:26:37 CEST 2004

purslow at wrote:
> i just ran a test of Xfce 4.1.90 against KDE 3.3.0
> on my Gentoo system with an  AMD XP 2500+  &  512 MB  memory:
> both are set up with  10  desktops (workspaces) & should auto-start
>  2  Konsoles, Mutt, Lynx, Konqueror, Gvim, Gqview, Gkrellm, Kmahjongg ;
> Xfce is also set to launch KDE services (as defined in the settings window),
> which are started automatically by KDE itself.
> after a reboot in each case & timed from entering the start command
> to appearance of a desktop (tested by clicking a workspace switcher button),
> KDE took  30 seconds  to start, while Xfce took  32 seconds .
> it may be of interest that KDE takes longer to close down
> --  12 seconds  against  4 seconds  -- , which suggests
> that KDE may be more careful about storing session-management information.
> also, the Xfce session-manager is unpredictable about what it starts:
> sometimes it doesn't start Konqueror, sometimes not Mutt (only a 3rd Konsole).
> i don't know whether this would also happen with KDE if i used it often.
> both correctly started all applications in the test above.

1) You're benchmarking "KDE" vs "Xfce+KDE", no wonder the last thing 
takes longer to start.

2) Please take a moment and think about what you are going to write, 
_BEFORE_ you send the next mail to this mailinglist! Its getting ridiculous!


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