Xfhelp 4.2 fails in default setting

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 10 20:45:54 CEST 2004

041010 Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> purslow at sympatico.ca wrote:
>> the problem is the line(s) later in the script, ie
>>   case $BROWSER in
>>     firefox*)
>>       $BROWSER -a firefox -remote openurl\("file://$URL",new-window\) || \
>>         $BROWSER "file://$URL"
>> when i enter that command filled out :
>>   firefox -a firefox -remote openurl\("file//<helppath>",new-window\)
>> i get the error described above.  if i enter :
>>   firefox "file:///usr/local/share/xfce4/doc/C/index.html"
>> i get the msg "No running windows found", but Firefox does open the dox.
> that's the way the default firefox install works (and mozilla & netscape).
> Apparently your distribution has changed the firefox script
> to already try running a running instance.
> Unfortunately it apparently also return 0 when that command fails.
> That sounds like a bug in your distributions packaging.

i use Gentoo, which has a  400 line  script to start Firefox:
that is the source of the message "No running windows found".
Xfce ought to try to work correctly on all the major distros.

are you really saying that the default installation of Firefox,
which other distros follow, requires a user to enter the long line above, ie

  firefox -a firefox -remote openurl\("file//<helppath>",new-window\)   ??

surely, whatever the distro, 'firefox URL' should work,
ie the 2nd line in the Firefox case in the script above
(ordinarily, i wouldn't expect the "..." to be necessary either).

why not simply use that 2nd shorter line ?

and why write the script so that it uses Firefox (if installed)
rather than Konqueror or Galeon or Opera ?

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