Xfce language bindings

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Fri Oct 8 17:56:12 CEST 2004

Benedikt Meurer wrote:

> David Fraser wrote:
>>> First off all, I've to say, that I've looked into GFC a few weeks 
>>> ago in quite some detail, and discovered some parts where I'd prefer 
>>> the Gtkmm way. These are mostly details, though. In general I think 
>>> that GFC is a good attempt to wrap the Gtk+ API.
>>> I've been thinking of - and working on - language bindings for Xfce 
>>> for over a year now. I have several initial attempts with C++ (using 
>>> Gtkmm mostly), D, Scheme and Ruby bindings (and Olivier came up with 
>>> the idea of Python bindings recently) hanging around on my 
>>> harddisks. That said, none of these attempts satisfied my needs. 
>>> What I'm looking for is a general "wrapper kit", that allows to 
>>> easily integrate another language into Xfce w/o the need to maintain 
>>> another language binding (as you might know, Xfce has only a few 
>>> developers, and we can't maintain x language bindings like Gnome).
>> I'm relatively new here - just know that wxPython uses SWIG to 
>> autogenerate most of the wrappers. That's for a fairly complex C++ 
>> toolkit but it works really well.
> I wasn't talking about wrapper generators, cause they tend to cause 
> the maintance problems I described above. I was talking about a 
> generic framework for language bindings, similar to what DotNET was 
> originally invented for, but more generic maybe.
> But I agree with Brian here, this would be a lot of work, impossible 
> for an open source project like Xfce to handle this in spare time. 
> We'd probably need a team of 3-4 software developers working full-time 
> on this for about a year, maybe two.

Have just started looking at pygtk, since I thought, since xfce is built 
with gtk, and a binding already exists, it may be possible to use this 
for xfce.
pygtk has a h2defs which can be used for extending pygtk (see 
Has anyone looked at this route before?


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