how to use 4.0.6 & 4.2.0 simultaneously

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Wed Oct 6 11:08:51 CEST 2004

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> but 1st -- tonight -- i plan to try out 4.2 & see how far it takes me
> while doing my other normal daily activities.

well, i'm writing this on the 4.2 desktop, wh is performing perfectly !
so repeated congrats & thanx to everyone who has worked on it.

i'm delighted to see there's a simple option to start KDE libs at start-up;
i've had some fun choosing icons for panel launchers & pop-ups (drawers),
once i found out how to do it: it really is a new level of configuration;
i'm slightly disappointed that the background can't be varied by desktop,
but mb there's more difficulty in making it happen than might appear
(KDE has done it for a long time, but that's w Qt etc).

as for the parallel versions, all that seems to be needed is a wrapper,
wh sets the appropriate path: if the versions are in  /usr  &  /usr/local ,
all you need is to change the order in the PATH df'n in  .bashrc .
so all it needs really is a README accompanying the packages to explain how.

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