how to use 4.0.6 & 4.2.0 simultaneously

BluPhoenyx quazar at
Mon Oct 4 19:26:52 CEST 2004

> in that case, there sb no conflict (i don't use panel plug-ins), but ...
> .... i did another test: i moved my regular  ~/.xfce4  to another name,
> made sure there was nothing of Xfce in  ~/.config  & started 4.2 .
> after the splash screen, the default desktop (IIRC) for 4.0.6 came up
> w what look like the settings window & desktop menus for 4.0.6 :
> the only sign of 4.2 was the splash screen & the exit window.
> after exiting, i checked my home dir & found it had created a new  
> ~/.xfce4 , which contained  xfce4rc xfce4rc.bak (identical) sessions/ 
> settings/ , wh in turn contained (1st) nothing & (2nd)  xfce-settings.xml 
> backdrop.xml , perhaps reflecting my brief exploration of the settings 
> window; there was also  ~/.config/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc ,
> wh had just  2 lines , as i told it not to save a session when exiting.
> when i emerged 4.0.6 (on Gentoo), it installed  /etc/xfce4/ ,
> wh has copies of  xfce4rc xinitrc  (& a lot of language files),
> so perhaps 4.2 is somehow picking up that stuff.
> shdn't 4.2 install something in  /etc  when the install script runs ?
> i deleted all the stuff created by 4.2 , restored  ~/.xfce4  as before
> & am now back to my normal 4.0.6 working environment.

Please don't take this as a flame but why do you abbreviate words when writing? It makes it difficult even for native English speakers to read so I can imagine how hard it is for non-native English speakers who read the list.

Mike T.

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