Xfce panel translucent

Olivier FOURDAN fourdan.olivier at wanadoo.fr
Mon Oct 4 13:53:30 CEST 2004


> no, what i'm trying to say is that making the panel translucent adds
> functionality (makes it possible to see windows under it), which is useless
> unless you remove the current functionality that doesn't allow windows
> under the panel (personally, i've always thought this was dumb).

But that's simply not true. Struts doesn't prevent windows to go under.  I don't understand why you keep saying that.

Struts and partian struts are used for maximization, window placement and movement. A user can move a window under the panel even if it sets struts (otherwise the desktop would be mostly unusable)

> it's fine for xfwm4 to avoid placing windows under the panel, but if i
> move a window under the panel myself, i really want it to go there.  in
> this case, xfwm4 is getting in my way; it's annoying.

Again, that's not true. 

> at any rate, is this translucent panel thing going to be optional?  if not,
> i think that's a bad idea.  as benny points out, some people don't like
> it and want to disable it.

Don' t run the compositor, or don't place the panel on top.

I suggest that you try the feature, place the xfce panel on top and try to maximize a window, try moving other widnows, etc.


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