edscott wilson garcia edscott at xfce.org
Mon Oct 4 00:23:31 CEST 2004

El dom, 03-10-2004 a las 17:10, Erik Harrison escribió:
> There is a toolbar down the left side of the file manager. I'm unsure
> as to what the red button, labeled scramble, does, or the green
> button, with no tooltip. Actually, at this point, I can't even play
> with them, as right clicking on any of the buttons makes the toolbar
> vanish, with no clear way to reenable it.
> Any help?

You can switch the current sidebar to a different one by right clicking
on any normal toolbar button that has a dropdown arrow (dropdown
buttons). If you right click on the sidebar, it go away. It will also go
away if you right click on a toolbar button which is already showing the
dropdown buttons as a sidebar. Some toolbar buttons are not active
unless you have something selected, so you cannot show the corresponding
sidebar by right clicking unless you have selected something to make it

The red button: scramble a file with a password.
The green button: unscramble a scrambled file (you will need the
password). This button will remain inactive if the selected file is not
of the scrambled type (.cyt).



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