xfwm4 manpage

Nils Rennebarth Nils.Rennebarth at web.de
Fri Oct 1 00:14:55 CEST 2004

I promised to write some documentation, so here we go.

Attached is a manpage for xfwm4 that explains (almost) all options. A 
few are still left blank, because I need to work out from the code what 
they do ;-)

The intended audience for these manpages are technical minded people and 
distribution makers, so I tried not to double too many things already 
covered by the user documentation in xml. It will also help 
distributions like debian that have a strong policy of shipping man 
pages if with applications if at all possible.

The file cold probably go into xfwm4/doc/xfwm4.1

Please tell me what you think.


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