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Tue Nov 23 02:49:14 CET 2004


If I understand the ICCCM correctly, xfwm4 doesn't treat the 
WM_WINDOW_ROLE property correct. xfwm4 grabs WM_WINDOW_ROLE from the 
client leader window instead of the toplevel window itself, but the 
ICCCM says:

"The client must set the WM_WINDOW_ROLE property to a string that 
uniquely identifies that window among all windows that have the same 
client leader window."

So, WM_WINDOW_ROLE should be used to distinguish windows with the same 
client leader, and therefore shouldn't be taken from the client leader, 
but the toplevel window in question.

Attached is a simple patch that fixes the problem (and thereby the 
problems related to legacy session management and restoring windows on 
the wrong workspace).

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