RC1 : missing menu items

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Fri Nov 19 07:26:30 CET 2004

if this should be filed as a bug, i will do that,
but otherwise it's an issue with RC1 & i'm doing what www.xfce.org/ says.

an earlier brief look at the desktop menu showed spurious items had gone,
but i didn't check what was still included.  now i have & things are missing:
there are no browsers & in fact no applications at all; menu headings are

  Accessories, Education, Edutainment, Games, Graphics, Office, System
i've checked for  foo.desktop  files in obvious places:

  root: purslow> d /usr/share/applications
    bluefish.desktop  gqview.desktop kde screensaver-properties.desktop
    galeon.desktop gucharmap.desktop  mozilla.desktop xcdroast.desktop
    gnumeric.desktop  gvim.desktop  mozillafirefox.desktop  yelp.desktop
  root: purslow> d /usr/share/applications/kde

under  /usr/kde/3.3/share/applications/kde  there's a very long list,
incl 'konqbrowser.desktop'.  there are some more in  /usr/share/applnk :

  root: applnk> pwd
  root: applnk> d
    Applications  Development  Games  Office  OpenOffice.org 1.1  Utilities
  root: applnk> d Office/
    KThesaurus.desktop  kchart.desktop kivio.desktop kspread.desktop
    kugar.desktop  karbon.desktop  kformula.desktop  koshell.desktop
    kudesigner.desktop  kword.desktop
  root: applnk> d OpenOffice.org\ 1.1/
    calc.desktop  impress.desktop  printeradmin.desktop  web.desktop
    draw.desktop  math.desktop     template.desktop      writer.desktop

this is on Gentoo 2004.0 with KDE 3.3.1 , OO 1.1.3 , Koffice 1.3.3 .
i'll be happy to provide more info if needed.

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