RC1 : session management still not there

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 18 04:57:54 CET 2004

i tried to choose a neutral Subject, knowing the sensitivities
of the highly-strung thoroughbreds who live in this pasture (grin).

having installed RC1 & asked it to save the session at exit,
i've run into several problems serious enough to cause me to suppress SM.

(1) it restarts Gkrellm2 on the wrong desktop ( 1 , not 8 ),
from which it has to be moved via 'Ctl-Alt-Numpad-8'.
perhaps this has something to do with the fact
that Gkrellm2 doesn't use a normal window (see other thread re lost lines).

(2) it restarts all  3  Konsoles with the tab bar showing,
despite the fact that that is not the setting i have saved in Konsole:
when i simply start a new Konsole, it does not show the tab bar;
nor does the KDE SM start Konsoles with the tab bar showing.

(3) it does not restart Konqueror.

(4) when i unmark the 'save session' box at exit,
the -- defective -- session is restored regardless, when i restart Xfce.

(5) when i tried simply removing the sessions files under  ~/.cache ,
the SM came up with a default desktop, incl the taskbar (which i don't like),
which it must have got from somewhere in  /usr/local .

(6) the only way to escape all this seems to be
to comment out the SM part of  .xinitrc :
ie i don't see a settings command to stop using SM (sorry if i missed it).

the whole point of SM is to make it quick'n'easy for users
who have a regular set of apps they place on predictable desktops (like me)
or perhaps for someone with a lot of terminals & tools opened
in the middle of a complex project s/he's working on.
if an SM doesn't restore the session accurately & reliably, it's worthless.

so don't let me discourage whoever is working on the Xfce SM (big smile),
but for a thoughtful user -- let alone thoughtless ones out there -- 
it remains a work in progress, which we may hope will be useable in 4.4 .

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