RC1 : problem + QA items

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 17 16:15:57 CET 2004

041117 Erik Harrison wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 09:14:25 -0500, purslow at sympatico.ca
>> there's  1  serious problem with RC1 :
>> Gtk-based apps have dialog boxes which are too narrow to read
>> (Gqview, Galeon, Gkrellm config, GVim search, XF printing; ok on KDE).
>> i suspect that i need to remerge  >= 1  package(s) on Gentoo,
>> but before i try things at random, does anyone have a specific solution ?
>> it has to be something to do with Xfce, as it doesn't happen on KDE:
>> when i exit Xfce, then immediately start KDE,
>> the Gtk apps start (or i can start them) & the dialog lines are ok.
>> i remerged Gtk-engines & Gtk-engines-xfce , which seem to be the Gtk items
>> which i had not recently updated, & the problem remains.  of course,
>> i used BH's uninstaller & installer to reinstall Xfce & rebooted.
>> this has happened before & it's been cured by recompiling things,
>> but i'ld rather not go thro' everything just in the hope something will work.
>> anyone else have suggestions ?  meanwhile, i can check forums & Google.
>> well, i've checked forums, tried Google & more important recompiled things,
>> ie Gtk+ Gtk-engines Gtk-engines-xfce Pygtk Glib & Gqview ;
>> i've also again uninstalled & reinstalled Xfce with BM's tools.
>> nothing has changed: the input text boxes in Gqview & the other apps
>> remain far too thin vertically, showing no readable type.
>> there must be some problem with resizing (i have seen this effect before).
>> could it be that there is a problem between Xfce's assumptions
>> & the most recent stable versions -- eg of Gtk+ -- provided by Gentoo ?
>> surely, someone familiar with the Gtk+ & other libraries knows
>> what it is which controls the vertical sizing of those text boxes,
>> which should provide a pointer to what is going wrong.
> You say that the problem doesn't happen with KDE.

correct: the font is different there too.

> Are you using the same GTK+ theme for both KDE and Xfce?

i have KDE 3.3.1 with whatever is the default theme for that version.
it's there largely because i like a lot of KDE apps
& as back-up for problems like the present one,
but i haven't done any fine-tuning of KDE settings.

> What theme are you using?
> Is it an Xfce theme, or does it use another theme engine?

i'm not quite sure what you mean by 'theme' (smile):
under 'Window Manager Preferences' i have 'Style = Agua';
under 'User Interface Preferences' i have 'Theme = Xfce-kolors'.
are you trying a helpful guess or do these really affect things ?

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