compositor appears to be broken on CVS - os it me?

Benjamin Rich at
Wed Nov 17 12:29:25 CET 2004

I'm using the CVS version of xfce4, and I turned on the compositor in
xfwm4 just to have a look, attracted by the idea of a translucent
panel - but, when I activated it, going into xfce4 everything was
completely broken and wrong.

If I start xfdesktop or nautilus, they both come up on surfaces which
completely cover the main screen - so the panel, taskbar, and any apps
I start start up *behind* the desktop background.

If I don't use one those desktop managers, the desktop background is
instead covered in bits of trailings and ghostings from windows. When
I maximise an app it covers the panel (which I have on autohide) so
when I move my cursor to the bottom of the screen it won't activate
the panel and bring it up. the icons in the desktop pager don't
display, and all in all things are really screwed up.

I have xorg 6.8.0, with the render/compositor extensions activated in
my xorg.conf, but no opengl and no 3d drivers for my card (it's an ati
radeon 9000).

Anyone know why this might be happening? Is compositing supposed to
still be broken in


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