RC1 : problem + QA items

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 17 07:36:51 CET 2004

there's  1  serious problem with RC1 :
Gtk-based apps have dialog boxes which are too narrow to read
(Gqview, Galeon, Gkrellm config, GVim search, XF printing; ok on KDE).
i suspect that i need to remerge  >= 1  package(s) on Gentoo,
but before i try things at random, does anyone have a specific solution ?

also, some minor items for the record & future development.

(1) the session manager is not restoring things fully & accurately:
there is an empty Konsole on the wrong desktop instead of Mutt;
Konqueror doesn't start; Gkrellm2 sometimes appears on the wrong desktop.
the KDE session manager is (almost) accurate, but takes longer to close down,
so perhaps the Xfce SM needs to store more info too.

(2) at start-up, Gkrellm2 is missing the bottom few lines,
but this is corrected when you leave the desktop & later return there.

(3) the XF print manager prints garbage when given an OO .sxw file.
perhaps this is inevitable -- XPP simply refuses to handle such files -- ,
but if so, the XF PM should also refuse things it can't print.

don't throw sharp things (grin): these are intended to help QA.

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