RC1: all's well that ends well

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 16 15:57:55 CET 2004

taking the newly posted advice on the Xfce WWW site (grin),
i unmerged all  22  Xfce-4.0.6 packages from my Gentoo system
& first -- ok, please see below too -- tried to use a recompiled :
as before, it refused to start: "can't find libxfsm-4.2.so.0".
something seems to be wrong with that material (yes, i did clean everything):
i checked & there were no  libxf*'s  in  /usr/lib  or  /usr/lib/pkgconfig .
has anyone actually tried to build Xfce that way, not just from CVS ?

anyway, thanks to KDE (another grin), i was able to use BM's installer,
which seems to be a huge advance on the version for 4.1.91 .
there's an excellent help doc & the installer itself is very clear;
it also has an uninstaller, which saves much pain if anything goes wrong.
it took  c 12 min  on my Athlon XP 2500+ machine
& after a reboot, Xfce started as it should,
not forgetting the settings left behind from my damaged 4.1.91 version.

so many thanks & congrats to BM for his installer, a model of its kind,
& a gentle suggestion that it should be featured more prominently
in the Xfce WWW account of how to install the latest version.
i mean it positively, not as a criticism, but it would help even more
if users could choose which of the optional packages to install:
eg i don't have a sound card & have not compiled sound into my kernel,
but i noticed that some sound items were being included by the installer.
BTW a spelling correction: 'platform', not 'plattform'.

also, a quick check shows that the desktop menu has been cleaned up,
so another thankyou to BT, who followed up my information.

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