Visted link color in documentation is hard to discern

Jeff Franks jcf at
Sun Nov 14 15:55:30 CET 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

> just an FYI, jakob nielsen says not changing the color of visited 
> links is a crime punishable by death (ok, that's not precisely what he 
> said):
> i suppose you could argue it doesn't matter for online docs, though 
> nielsen specifically mentions "any type of navigational design".
I guess he is right. It's what users expect and it certainly is a better 
visual cue. I just find a page full of bright purple visited links looks 
ugly. I have been trying different colors and so far only found one that 
might be worth considering. If the visited link is to correctly use a 
different color I don't think it should be a blue shade.

What about *#3366CC* for links, *#6633FF* for visited links, and  
_*#3366FF*_ for hovering, which also looks acceptable in normal weight, 
#3366CC for links, #6633FF for visited links and  _#3366FF_ for hovering.

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