A little shadow patch ...

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Fri Nov 12 01:32:02 CET 2004

On 11/12/04 00:43, Nikolas Arend wrote:

> Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> >Every people who sends patch knows that, sometimes patches get accepted
> >sometimes not... I am not taking it mainstream, but someone else may
> >like it and use it.
> Agreed. But I find it hard to maintain a specific feature just for yourself.

hey, it's olivier's window manager, and, just as importantly, his project.
i may not agree 100% with the idea of keeping options out of the GUI[1],
and i can argue all i want, but the bottom line is that, if olivier wants
it in the WM (or doesn't want it), then it'll go in (or it won't).

it occurs to me that you may have actually been talking about the patch
writer maintaining the feature for himself.  actually, that's not all
that hard, as long as you stick with the CVS version of the software.
i wrote a patch to add a per-conversation auto-response disabler button
for gaim a couple years ago, and it was rejected.  i liked it, so i kept
it in my CVS tree and updated and compiled off that.  sure, every now
and then there were conflicts, but never more than 10 minutes of work
each time.  of course, eventually i dropped it after about a yearish,
but mainly because they implemented a more sane way of deciding when
to automatically disable the auto-response.  anyway, i digress (as


[1] this is actually one of the reasons i jumped ship from gnome.  aside
from gtk 1.2 nastiness and a bit of UI inconsistency, gnome 1.4 was a
better fit for me than gnome 2.x will ever be.  i LOVE to tweak things.

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