Ladanyi, Akos ladanyi at tmit.bme.hu
Tue Nov 9 23:38:03 CET 2004

Dear Xfce Developers,

As far as I know xfterm4 uses the TERMCMD enviroment variable to
determine the preferred terminal program. While xfhelp4 uses the BROWSER
variable to determine the preferred browser. Now in the default menu
generated by xfdesktop the Web Browser entry launches mozilla, and in
xffm the terminal icon launches xfce4-terminal.

I guess now everybody knows what I want to say. I suppose xffm should
use xfterm4 too and a new wrapper script should be introduced
(xfbrowser4 ?). Latter would be a simple modification of xfhelp4.
And both the 'Web Browser' entry in the desktop menu and xfhelp4 could
use xfbrowser4.

I think this would improve consistency, and it can be easily done.
What do you think?

Keep up the great work.


PS: sorry for my bad English

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