Common gotchas upgrading from 4.0 -> 4.2

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Tue Nov 9 22:02:10 CET 2004

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Hey all,
> I think it would be good if we could collect a list of common problems that
> people may encounter when upgrading from 4.0 to 4.2. Some sort of Upgrading
> FAQ.
> - removal of workspaces mcs plugin: left-over old version interferes with new
>   plugin.

Hey, there is an API version check here as well, isn't there? How about 
we bump the version? Nothing outside Xfce really uses mcs, does it?

> - Base dir spec. Some distribution apparently set XDG_*_DIRS. If that does not
>   include the Xfce prefix, none of the modules will find their configuration.

This will be solved when xfce_resource_* functions are changed to use 
the install prefix as fallback location. (They haven't been changed yet, 
have they?)

> - Icon theme stuff. I know of two problems that seem to happen fairly often,
>   missing icons when librsvg is not installed (slackware only?), and missing
>   icons in nautilus. Not sure if we have a solution for those.

Svg stuff is solved. Nautilus icons I have no problems with anymore, so 
that seems to be solved as well.

Not much of a list anymore, is it? Well let's add something more.

- Panel autohide and changing workspaces when the mouse reaches the edge
   of the screen (window manager settings, advanced tab) cannot both be
   used at the same time. [Apparently this was less of a problem with
   4.0? Maybe because hidden size of the panel is slightly smaller now.]

 > [Add more here]

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