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Sat Nov 6 16:10:23 CET 2004

El vie, 05-11-2004 a las 21:08, Thomas Sutton escribió:
> On Fri, 05 Nov 2004 09:20:12 -0600, edscott wilson garcia
> <edscott at> wrote:
> > El vie, 05-11-2004 a las 08:49, angel bosch escribió:
> > > hi!
> > >
> > > is there any plan to integrate acl permissions on xffm4?
> > > maybe you can add a right click option to pop up an external program,
> > > just like guiclmanager does
> > >
> > 
> > The acl permissions at the referred website looks like changing the un*x
> > settings for user/group/mode.
> No. That program one uses a Python wrapper around libacl (the POSIX
> acl library for XFS and friends). It's a little ugly, but it is an acl
> editor. Of course, it also lets you change the UNIX permissions as
> well, they're just the empty User and Group.

I see.

> I must admit, this feature would be very nice to have. I'd try it
> myself if I weren't so busy (and maybe I will if no-one has found it
> interesting enough to do by early next year).

In the meantime, the external program to use the libacl library can be
called with the "open with" function. Thus it will be in the run history
and if called often enough, occupy a top rank.



> Cheers,
> Thomas Sutton

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