Upgrading autotools versions

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Sat Nov 6 15:38:48 CET 2004

041106 Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> I'm currently evaluating the opportunity
> to upgrade the "official" autotools used to generate Xfce.
> I don't really like to do this in the middle of a released version,
> so before RC1 is a good time IMO.
> I am considering the following versions:
>   gettext-0.14.1-12
>   libtool-1.5.6-4
>   automake 1.9.2-3
>   autoconf 2.59-5
> All these being the current versions from Fedora Core 3.
> Opinions?


i'm sure you have excellent reasons as usual (smile),
but FYI the latest semi-stable versions on Gentoo last weekend were :

  autoconf-2.59-r5 (ok)

the stable versions are the same.


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