acl integration

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Fri Nov 5 16:20:12 CET 2004

El vie, 05-11-2004 a las 08:49, angel bosch escribió:
> hi!
> is there any plan to integrate acl permissions on xffm4?
> maybe you can add a right click option to pop up an external program,
> just like guiclmanager does

The acl permissions at the referred website looks like changing the un*x
settings for user/group/mode. 

Within xffm you can popup a plugin module to change these settings by
clicking on the "properties" dialog. You can also directly change the
settings for any file by editing of the respective column field of each
row. If you want to change a file user/group/permissions and you do not
have priviledge (as if the file does not belong to you), install sudo
and use visudo to configure. Xffm will query for any sudo password that
may be required.



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