Common gotchas upgrading from 4.0 -> 4.2

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Wed Nov 3 21:57:50 CET 2004

Hi Edscott,

On Wed, 2004-11-03 at 07:31 -0600, edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> Another two problems is that inheritance does not work correctly and
> each application creates a big hash table in memory each time it starts
> up (IOW, bloat), most of it will not be used more than once. 
> To fix the problems for the mime-icons module, I took Brian's code
> apart, piece by piece, and rewrote the hash table business. To solve the
> "big hash table", I allowed a theme to be opened with a fixed size. When
> this is done, a shared disk based hash table is used instead of a memory
> hash table, which greatly increases startup speed and reduces memory
> footprint. Whenever an out-of-date disk based hashtable is requested, it
> is automatically regenerated by means of the big hash table. 

I really thing we are too close from the release to implement it now. I
prefer a well tested sub-optimal implementation rather than a ultra-
optimized buggy implementation that gets loaded in all Xfce components
because it's part of one of the base libraries... (I'm am not saying
that you implementation is buggy, but if it's too recent, it's not
tested enough for a final release)

So we can live with the big hash table for now, we'll see later for
improving things in 4.4


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