[Bug 436] The plugin randomly crashes

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Tue Nov 2 11:57:45 CET 2004

bugzilla-daemon at xfce.org wrote:

>------- Additional Comments From fourdan at xfce.org  2004-11-02 09:21 UTC -------
>I think it's related to the taskbar problems. - I'll try to come up with a whole
>new implementation of the fix Brian made, just in case, and if things don't
>improve, we shall revert for RC1.
yep, that's what i was thinking of doing as well.  my plan was to return 
the code to how it was before (that is, leaving the 
NetkTasklist::windows list as it was), and create NetkWindows only for 
windows with the SKIP_TASKBAR hint, and store those in a separate GList 
in the NetkTaskListPrivate struct.


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