Icon theme code in libxfcegui4

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Mon Nov 1 11:38:58 CET 2004

Hi Edscott,

On Sun, 2004-10-31 at 23:45 +0000, Edscott Wilson Garcia wrote:
> Log Message:
> beta3: Instead of having each application load it's very own memory based
> hashtable, use a shared disk based hash for resolution of icon names 
> according to theme. This should both speed up the startup up process and
> reduce the memory footprint. Performance will also be improved but will be
> hardly noticeable.

Just for the record, there would be no "beta 3", next release should be
a release candidate (unless that someone comes up with a serious show

Therefore we should tend to a "stabilization" of the code. Also, I think
you should use the same debugging macros as the other do (ie the
predefined DBG() and TRACE() macros) for the libxfcegui4 at least (to
keep the code homogeneous)


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