Francois Le Clainche fleclainche at wanadoo.fr
Mon May 31 11:56:56 CEST 2004

Le lundi 31 mai 2004 à 01:27, Olivier a écrit:

> Francois,

Hi, Olivier

> About xfwm4, you wrote:
> * gradient support for xfwm4 titlebar
> Well, humm, it's a bit simplist actually. xfwm4 now supports image
> composition with PNG images as layers, which means that one can do
> gradients or anything else in fact, and that applies to any pixmap that
> make the window frame, not just the title bar :)
> Oh yeah, I realize it's a bit too long as a single point explanation :)


I've added your informations.

About struts, since panel/taskbar/xfwm4 make use of partial struts, I've
listed this improvement in the "general" category. But maybe it's not
clear enough this way.

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