Tasklist button size -- bug?

Artem Vakhitov temcat at mnogo.ru
Sat May 22 11:22:51 CEST 2004

>Artem Vakhitov wrote:
>> Hi people,
>> I like the taskbar's new behaviour. One thing though: when there is only one button on the taskbar, its size is not fixed. For instance, the button for ROX-Filer is mush shorter than for xterm (see attached screenshots). Shouldn't they be equal-sized? 200 pixels is indeed a reasonable value, but the length of the ROX button on the screenshot is definitely less than that...
>It's a maximum value, so if you have windows with short titles, the 
>buttons will be smaller than 200px.

Then I would suggest to make it fixed, as it's usually done elsewhere ;-) It would IMHO look nicer that way...


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