Rox doesn't get the focus

Olivier Fourdan fourdan.olivier at
Mon May 17 22:20:24 CEST 2004


How do you run Rox? From a terminal?

I bet you're using gtk+-2.4.1. It now supports _NET_WM_USER_TIME which
is used to avoid focus stealing (like you are typing a message and a
gaim windows popup and steals the focus). xfwm4 (from CVS HEAD) now also
supports this.

So if you type "rox" from a terminal, there is a good chance that this
mechanism will prevent the new window to be focused because you are

Rox does stay in the background, and when you type rox, you just tell
the process ROX-Filer to map antoher window, which is fairly quick and
can occued almost instantly. That's why you see it with rox. The same
happens with xfce-mcs-manager which also runs in the bacground. Try
typing "xfce-setting-show ui" from a terminal and you should see the
same behaviour.


On Sun, 2004-05-16 at 15:07, Andre Lerche wrote:
> Hi,
> in CVS HEAD, whenever I start the Rox Filer, it doesn't get
> the focus automatic. It works well with all other apps including
> Gvim, Gftp, Xterm... but not with Rox.
> Andre
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