xfwm4, margins problem with xinerama

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Sat May 15 09:18:37 CEST 2004

Hi Francois,

On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 01:24, Francois Le Clainche wrote:
> Still no margin at the bottom of the smaller screen1, and no way to put
> the panel at the bottom. The behaviour was different the day before
> yesterday. Bug or feature? :)

I don't know about the panel (as it manages its position by itself) and
I'm not sure I understand what you mean here, but the margins now apply
to the wide logical screen and not to each monitor.

So if your smaller screen is located higher than the larger one, I'm not
surprised the bottom margins don't apply on it, because the area is not
covered by the monitor.

This is for consistency with standard struts which apply to the widest
logical screen.

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