xffm icon bar bug

edscott wilson garcia edscott at prodigy.net.mx
Wed May 12 01:40:45 CEST 2004

Hi Olivier,

  The toolbar button was remaining in a depressed state because the
popup was eating the button-release signal. I've fixed that now. 

OTH, the buttons in the popup appear depressed state when mouse goes
over them because they are gtk_menu elements and gtk_menu behaves that
way. I currently have no idea how to change that default behaviour,
though it would be nice to change.



El mar, 11-05-2004 a las 14:15, Olivier Fourdan escribió:
> Hi
> There is currently a bug with popup icons in xffm. Press and hold button
> as specified, select an entry in the popup and the button always show
> depressed when hilighted.
> Cheers,

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