A few problems with the recent zh_TW translation update

Ambrose Li a.c.li at ieee.org
Wed May 5 04:46:13 CEST 2004


I think the recent zh_TW translation update has been committed
to the wrong branch.  However, it seems that only the following
modules are affected:

- xfce-mcs-plugins : a couple of strings are missing
  (almost with no effect, but the ordering of the strings shows
  that the updated translation file was very obviously meant to
  be committed to CVS HEAD, not xfce4_4_0)

- xfwm4 : a few strings are missing

- xfce4-panel : a good number of strings are missing
  (due mostly to some capitalization differences between CVS HEAD
  and xfce4_4_0 and the fact that CVS HEAD uses strftime)

  This (xfce4-panel), however, is fixed by my patch (if it gets

>From a cursory glance (of the files affected by my patch),
it seems that this is not an isolated incident.  Apparently,
some translators do not realize that CVS HEAD and xfce4_4_0
are different, and the committers do not check whether the
translation files should be applied to CVS HEAD as opposed to
xfce4_4_0.  This might be partially worsened by the translation
files' not properly recording the Project-Id-Version.

I think in some way or another, the web page (or through some
other means), the difference between CVS HEAD and the xfce4_4_0
branch should be clearly told, so that translators (and future
translators) will not be confused with the two different
branches of XFCE.

Best regards,

Ambrose LI Cheuk-Wing  <a.c.li at ieee.org>


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