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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Tue May 4 18:44:03 CEST 2004

i realised i've been using 1.8.3 for a while now as well.  looking at 
the ChangeLog and NEWS, it doesn't seem like automake has changed all 
that much since 1.8.2.  a few platform-specific bugs were fixed, as well 
as a sed-related bug that shows up sometimes when POSIXLY_CORRECT is 
set.  while i know it's not potentially the 'safest' thing to mix 
versions, i don't see any adverse impact to keeping the .2/.3 mix until 
everyone's upgraded normally with their distros.  .3 should be just as 
stable and usable as .2, so there shouldn't be a problem with upgrading.

also, i believe we're still officially using libtool 1.5-fedora.  
there have been several requests, esp. from amd64 users, to move to 
1.5.2.  i've been using a gentoo-patched version of 1.5.2 for a while 
now, and it seems to be fine.  hmm, just checked the latest fedora core 
2 test build, and it seems they're using 1.5.6, which was released a 
little under a month ago.  1.5.4 appears to have a lot of changes; if 
1.5.2 makes everyone happy and doesn't introduce any problems, i'd 
suggest moving to that.


On Tue, 4 May 2004, Jasper Huijsmans wrote:

> Olivier, you seem to be using automake 1.8.3. Should we upgrade to that?
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> -# Makefile.in generated by automake 1.8.2 from Makefile.am.
> +# Makefile.in generated by automake 1.8.3 from Makefile.am.
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