global icon theme integration

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Mon Mar 29 19:42:27 CEST 2004

Op ma 29-03-2004, om 13:32 schreef Brian J. Tarricone:
> hi all-
> instead of sleeping (stupid me...), i'm working on globalising the icon 
> theme stuff.  i have the ui mcs plugin searching for icon themes, and 
> setting Net/IconThemeName in XSETTINGS.  there a couple changes that 
> we'll need to make this work completely.  i'd like feedback/permission 
> on these.
> 1) the xfce_resource_lookup functions - we need $datadir/xfce4 added to 
> 2) either
>      a) $datadir/xfce4/themes needs to turn into $datadir/xfce4/icons 
> (so i can get icon theme dirs with only one call to 
> xfce_resource_lookup_all()).
> --OR--
>      b) all the icons in $datadir/xfce4/themes need to be installed to 
> $datadir/icons.
> (b) _should_ be ok, but there's the off chance that we're using an icon 
> file name that someone else is using in a particular theme, and it might 
> not be so nice to accidentally overwrite those, so i think i'm more in 
> favor of (a).

Please go ahead on a) whenever you're ready.

> hmm, i thought there were more.
> also, i have an MCS question.  Net/IconThemeName is in the MCS 
> "settings" channel.  how do i join this channel from an McsClient to get 
> updates?  if i do an mcs_client_add_channel() i get:
> ** (xfdesktop:527): WARNING **: Adding a standard mcs channel is not allowed
> Client channel not created
> without the call, i'm not being notified of changes, so apparently 
> clients don't get added to the 'standard' channels by default.  if i 
> can't listen on "settings", i'm going to have to poll for the setting 
> (which doesn't seem to be working either).

Using gtk_settings_* should work, shouldn't it?


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