NFS + FreeBSD issue resolved!

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Sat Mar 27 18:02:15 CET 2004

Here follows an email I received, which explain how to fix the issue :

Hi Olivier,

> It's more or less known, but it's really specific to FreeBSD and NFS, 
> so I might think of a bug in FreeBSD (I'm using an NFS mounted homedir
> at work and there is no problem at all)

I did some tracing and discoverd, as you might have guessed, that it is
a locking problem. xfce-manager tries to open backdrop.xml with an 
exclusive file lock:

open("/home/marc/.xfce4/settings/backdrop.xml",0x621,0600) ERR#45
'Operation not supported'

This requires the rpc.lockd to run, if the file is located on a nfs
mounted filesystem. And this is not default the case in FreeBSD.

Enabling it solves the problem. Thanks for your input.
Perhaps you can add it to a FAQ somewhere?


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