Crash on Startup: Missing setup files?

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Thu Mar 25 23:01:08 CET 2004

Jeff Hill wrote:
> I seem to be missing some setup files Xfce4, which I installed from CVS
> source yesterday. Xfce4 crashes immediately after running startxfce4,
> issuing critical messages about missing files in the ~/.xfce4 directory.
> I've tried adding .xinitrc from the /usr/local/etc/xfce4 directory and
> other setting files with no luck. I have no .xsession-errors file from the
> crashes. I've tried starting Xfce4 from both a normal user and root with
> no luck. I've been trying to start it without using gdm to avoid any
> issues outside Xfce4.
> After a crash, I always get something like:
>    ** (xfce-mcs-manager:1091): libxfce4mcs-CRITICAL **: Unable to
>        stat file /home/jhill/.xfce4/settings/display.xml to load
>        data of channel "display": No such file or directory
>    ** (xfce-mcs-manager:1091): WARNING **: module
>        /usr/local/lib/xfce4/mcs-plugins/
>       ("workspaces") has already been loaded before
>    ** (xfce-mcs-manager:1091): libxfce4mcs-CRITICAL **: Unable
>       to stat file /home/jhill/.xfce4/settings/session.xml to
>       load data of channel "session": No such file or directory
>    ** (xfce-mcs-manager:1084): WARNING **: Failed to get splash
>        theme setting
>    ** (xfce-mcs-manager:1084): WARNING **: Unable to open session
>       file /home/jhill/.xfce4/sessions/ for
>       reading: No such file or directory smproxy: unable to connect
>       to session manager
>     ....
> I've scanned the documentation (perhaps not thoroughly enough), and I've
> googled without finding any notes on requirements for setting up all of
> these. I thought initially Xfce4 could be run without even having
> individual user configurations.
> Any suggestions on what I've done wrong would be very much appreciated. I
> did try initially installing Xfce4 v. 4.0.3 from Debian binaries, but the
> panel crashed everytime. I removed all, including any config files, and
> then built from the CVS tree per the Xfce "Installation from CVS" guide.
> Thank you for your patience with a newbie. I've been using KDE for the
> past several years and finally decided it was too bloated for my needs,
> and Xfce4 sounds like the answer.

Ok, this is getting critical. You are using Linux right? You seem to 
discovered a problem that was limited to BSD systems so far. Is your home dir 
NFS mounted?

Can you send me the whole list of error messages in private mail please?

> Jeff Hill


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