Is there a video player that has the option to stay always on the top ?

Thomas tkran2002 at
Sat Mar 20 18:56:04 CET 2004

Yes, totem has it but xine not (or I didn't find it).
Fullscreen xine works fine but not in window mode. 
But my favorite player is at the moment mplayer.
kbiff has the starts iconfied  in the systray - gbiff not ??
It's all confusing but maybe I've to wait to give freedesktop a chance to become
standard for developers. Then there must be put more pressure on the developers of
xine and mplayer (and many more) to implement these window control 
function in their software and follow the standard.
Btw - is the system tray behaviour/iconfy clean defined on freedesktop ?
Running two panels the behaviour is not clear. Kbiff trays (remains) to the xfce panel
and other to kicker - very strange.
And ofcourse I miss the skip taskbar/show in window list option for applications
because I want that some apps has not to appear in my taskbar !
If all window control/behaviour should become freedesktop standard then
there must be more apps to follow this. At the moment there are only a few and
their behaviour is not clear and the main point some functions are still missing as I described.
That is not a status I can live with. I'm really thinking about switching back to xfce3 but maybe
I must be more patient with xfce4 and the other developers.
On the other hand I've the fear that some window control functions will never be implemented.
So this is my user's point of view.

On Saturday 20 March 2004 05:29, Jesse Wagner wrote:
> > > I'm not satisfied with the new xfce standard that I can't change
> > > the "stays always on top option" (and other adjustments) I had with
> > > xfce3 for windows.
> > > The argument that the application must support this by itself does not
> > > convince me. What about the sticky option in each window ?
> > > Why is this supported but a stays always on top function not ?
> > > There are some application I wish to do so and not waiting
> > > until they support it (mplayer for example).
> >
> > Don't want to ruin a perfectly good rant.. but this is in cvs :-P
> > Probably slated for 4.2.
> > For now, you could try devil's pie...
> >
> >
> Oh and totem has that option.

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