edscott wilson garcia edscott at prodigy.net.mx
Fri Mar 19 14:30:02 CET 2004

El vie, 19-03-2004 a las 04:09, Benedikt Meurer escribió:

> > 
> > Without a clear function I would have to keep count of what's been
> > pushed and popped and I'm afraid I don't have time for that at this
> > moment. 
> Ok, got your point. But it seems to be out of scope. You can use the resource 
> lookup functions to locate the base path of a new theme, like 
> xfce_resource_lookup(XFCE_RESOURCE_ICONS, "<theme>/index.theme"), but using 
> the resource lookup functions for each and every icon would slow down things 
> too much. I think the GtkIconTheme class is better suited for this. I don't 
> want to duplicate the GtkIconTheme functionality in libxfce4util.

I haven't opted for the GtkIconTheme class yet: trying to keep things
simple IMHO. As soon as time permits, I will take another look to see if
I overlooked some way in which it can simplify things.

> Also imagine the following case: You clear the XFCE_RESOURCE_ICONS resources 
> in a module, but the application from which the module is loaded depends on 
> the "original behaviour" of the XFCE_RESOURCE_ICONS resource. That'd definetly 
> cause problems.

The same goes for the module popping stuff from the XFCE_RESOURCE_ICONS
resources, you know. The module can pop stuff the original application
relies on.  Hence, your argument is not convincing. You can't avoid all
possibilities of screw ups ;-)



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