Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Thu Mar 18 15:10:14 CET 2004

edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> Hey Benny,

Hi Edscott,

> Looking into the new libxfce4util/xfce-resource.c routines, I have a
> small comment. I would need a small function, 
> xfce_resource_clear(XfceResourceType type) to clear the contents of the
> respective glist (pop everything of the specified type). Is it OK if I
> commit a function to do such or would you rather do it yourself?

I think you misunderstood the usage of the functions. Theres no need to clear 
any of the GLists, as it would make the whole module useless. The push/pop are 
provided for modules that temporarily need to add further paths, but should 
not be used unless theres no other way. The preferred solution is to move the 
files to the locations as specified in the respective XDG standard.

Could you explain, why you see a need for a clear function?

> regards,
> Edscott


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